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The purposes of this Society shall be to advance the science of radiologic technology, to asisst inestablishing and maintaining high standard of education and training, to evaluate the quality of patient care, and to improve the welfare and socioeconomics of radiologic technologists. These purposes shall not be restricted by any consideration of nationality, race, color, sex or creed.


To provide meetings at which to transact Society business, to present scientific papers, to carry on scientific activities, to discuss professional problems, to encourage similar programs amoung organizations affiliated with the Society.

  • To publish and disseminate information pertinent to the conduct of the Society or the profession.
  • To assist in establishing and enunciating high standards of education and training and to implement them through appropriate channels.
  • To stimulate and encourage research designed to provide the knowledge needed to assure increasingly efficient patient care.
  • To expand educational opportunities and to develop programs designed to broaden the scope of technological service.
  • To enunciate policies concerning the professional status, legislative activity, and the welfare of its members.
  • To cooperate with external organizations or agencies whose policies are not in conflict with those of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, as may be necessary to attain continued progress and growth of the Society.