The Iowa Society of Radiologic Technologists Board of Directors is committed to working with hosting sites to provide educational events across the state. The ISRT will sponsor non-business continued learning events for individuals who wish to host a learning event in their hometown.

This sponsorship requires a minimum 8-week notification to the ISRT. The Members at Large from the Board of Directors will be assigned to help with ASRT approval application paperwork, approved finances, and online registration. Also a member from the ISRT Board of Directors will be on-site to help with clipboards. Certificates of Attendance will be emailed to verified attendees.

Two scenarios could be used for the hosting sites that choose to plan continuing education events.

Scenario 1

  1. Hosting sites could plan an educational event; submit program, and budget to ISRT Member at Large chairperson to be approved by ISRT committee.
  2. If approved, ISRT will submit for ASRT approval. Information required for submitting to ASRT to be sent to ISRT Member at Large chairperson.
  3. ISRT will do brochures and promotions.
  4. ISRT will be responsible for registration, sign in sheets and CE documentation.
  5. ISRT will provide board member(s) to be present at the meeting.
  6. ISRT will cover expenses of the educational event.
  7. All proceeds will go to the ISRT.

Scenario 2

  1. Hosting sites could plan an educational event.
  2. Hosting sites would be responsible to submit all required documentation directly to ASRT and pay the fee for CE approval.
  3. Hosting sites would be responsible to manage all aspects of the educational event, including brochure, registration, sign in sheets, certificates, etc., etc.
  4. Hosting sites would be responsible for retaining continuing education records.
  5. Hosting sites would be financially responsible for the educational event and reporting to IRS.
  6. ISRT would have no fiscal /legal responsibility for any aspect of the educational event.
  7. Hosting site shall not use any ISRT logos, licensing, or representation, etc., etc.

Read the full policy, dated June 4, 2017.

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